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Determine the Problem with the Wireless Network Connection in HP Products

If you are suddenly experiencing a problem with your network connection, you must determine whether the problem is caused by:-

(1). The wireless device on the computer,

(2). The connection between the computer and the network, or

(3). The connection from Internet service provider to the network. Each of these devices / each of these connections must be functional in itself before they can work together.

Observe the wireless data transfer icons in the task list to determine the status of the devices and connections. Then, open the appropriate utilities for detailed information about possible problems. The detail windows are: "Wireless Network Connection" from Windows, HP Wireless Assistant, and Device Manager.

If you have the detailed information, determine your very specific connection problem by reading the following descriptions of the connections. Then select the statement that best describes your problem and you will receive a detailed explanation of the corrective action. You can always rely on HP Toll-Free Number.

Displays the status icons and problem detail windows

Frequently, users spend excessive time and energy on repairing their network because they are trying to fix the wrong problem. One of the most common causes of loss of connection is, for example, accidentally pushing the power button and turning off the device.

Minimize interference and set up the computer closer to the router

The range of a wireless network router is limited. The larger the distance between the computer and the router, the weaker the signal. Fixed objects such as walls, metal furniture, and electrical appliances can interfere with the signal and reduce range. If you are unable to understand the issues, it is better to consult Tech Support Number for HP.

Place the computer closer to the router for testing and minimize interference from electrical equipment. If the wireless connection can be established with a smaller distance between the computer and the router, you can determine the range of the connection by moving the computer further. It is a good idea to purchase another antenna from the router manufacturer or use a repeater for the signal to increase the range of the wireless network router.

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